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4 Common Large Truck Accidents

Posted by attorney Edward Lake

There are many types of large truck accidents including jackknife, underride, override and rollover accidents. Victims who suffer injuries in truck crashes may pursue legal action against an at-fault truck driver and his/her employer – a New York personal injury lawyer in Long Island can help.

Jackknife Truck Crashes

One common type of large truck accident is a jackknife accident. This happens when the trailer of a truck swings outward from the cab. As a result, it can strike objects, such as other vehicles. If a car happens to be nearby, there is also the risk of it being crushed as the truck folds.

Trucks can jackknife when the driver has to stop suddenly, causing the brakes to lock up or the cab to skid. Speeding and other careless driving behaviors can increase the chances of the trailer swinging and may give a New York personal injury lawyer in Long Island evidence to pursue a claim of negligence.

Underride Truck Crashes

An underride accident occurs when another vehicle strikes the back or sometimes side of a truck, and the vehicle slides underneath the truck. Although trucks are supposed to be fitted with guards that prevent this from happening, they aren’t always enough to stop it.

Underride accidents can be fatal, but when they aren’t, injuries to the head, face and chest can be especially severe.

Override Truck Crashes

Similar to an underride accident is an override accident. In this case, the front end of a truck partially or completely runs over a smaller vehicle. This can happen in a head-on collision, or if a truck rear-ends a vehicle in front of it and rides on top of it. Reckless driving behavior such as speeding or following too closely may increase the risk of this type of truck crash.

Rollover Truck Crashes

Rollovers are a common type of large truck accident. It results from a truck turning over onto its side, which is especially dangerous when it is carrying cargo. Heavy cargo -- such as a steel load -- can topple onto other vehicles. If the truck is carrying hazardous substances or chemicals, it can result in a spill or even explosion.

Rollovers are often caused by taking curves too fast and oversteering. But the risk increases even more when the load isn’t properly secured or balanced. In this case, a New York personal injury lawyer on Long Island may evaluate the liability of the party responsible for loading the truck.

Causes of Truck Accidents

Driver behavior is one common cause of large truck accidents. This can include failing to adjust speeds according to weather or road conditions, inattention or distraction, fatigue, and intoxication. Violating traffic laws such as speeding, making improper lane changes, and failing to signal or to yield also may cause accidents.

Sometimes the cause of a large truck accident is defective equipment, in which case New York personal injury lawyers on Long Island may evaluate a manufacturer's liability. But if there are parts on the truck that don't work properly due to a failure to maintain the cab or trailer, responsibility could lie with the motor carrier or the company that leases the truck.

Generally, whenever a driver is found to be at fault, the trucking company also will be included in a claim because it bears responsibility for employees’ actions. Depending on the circumstances, there could be numerous liable parties.

New York personal injury lawyers on Long Island at Gacovino, Lake & Associates can help determine the cause of a crash after investigating the details and assist with assembling the evidence necessary to build a strong case for victims of large truck accidents.

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