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2013 Increase to the Oregon Minimum Wage Rate (Minimum Wage Claims)

Posted by attorney David Schuck

On January 1, 2013, the Oregon minimum wage rate increased to $8.95 per hour. If your hourly rate of pay after January 1, 2013 is/was less than $8.95 per hour, you likely have a minimum wage claim. While it may seem trivial that your employer did not pay the extra fifteen cents per hour, it is not. Oregon minimum wage law entitles you to a minimum wage civil penalty where an Oregon employer pays less than the minimum wage. This means that you could receive up to $2,148.00 as an Oregon minimum wage civil penalty in addition to the unpaid minimum wages you were due. This is true, even if you are only due the extra thirty cents per hour that the minimum wage increased in Oregon. Further, should your employment end, and your Oregon employer did not pay the minimum wage for all hours you worked, you may also be entitled to penalty wages under Oregon law of up to $2,148.00. Thus, Oregon wage law may entitle you to a minimum wage civil penalty and Oregon penalty wages, for total penalties of up to $4,298.00, plus your unpaid minimum wages. Further, Oregon minimum wage law allows employees to recover their costs and attorney fees allowing the attorneys at Schuck Law, LLC to take minimum wage cases on a contingency fee basis---essentially being paid by your Oregon employer to win your Oregon minimum wage case. If your Oregon employer failed to pay a large number of employees (over 40) at the new minimum wage, you could have a class action case for unpaid Oregon minimum wages, and the Oregon minimum wage civil penalties for all the affected employees.

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