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Posted by attorney Douglas McDonald

1st Annual DUI Training Super Symposium November 8-11, 2010 Atlanta, GA Presented By: Impaired Driving Specialists, LLC Anthony D. Palacios SFST/DRE Consultant 678-566-3787 PRESENTERS INCLUDE: Anthony D. Palacios, Ron Lloyd, Tony Corroto, Dr. Jimmie Valentine, Jan Semenoff, Michael Hawkins, Gus McDonald, Ben Sessions, Allen Trapp Day One - November 8th: NHTSA's Standardized Field Sobriety Testing Topics Covered: -Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus Test: Standardized Procedures, Standardized Clues, Standardized Scoring Criterion -Walk & Turn Test: Standardized Procedures, Standardized Clues Standardized Scoring Criterion -One Leg Test: Standardized Procedures, Standardized Clues, Standardized Scoring Criterion -Common errors by officers during the administration of SFSTs -Live Alcohol Workshop: Participants will be able to conduct the SFSTs on volunteers and observe nystagmus at various BACs Materials Included: -NHTSA DUI/SFST Student Manual (Most Current Edition, cd-rom and hardcopy) -NHTSA DUI/SFST Instructor Manual (Most Current Edition, cd-rom) Day Two, November 9th : NHTSA/IACP Drug Recognition Expert Overview Topics Covered: What is a DRE and the training the DRE receives in order to become a DUI expert - The 12- Step DRE Evaluation - The DRE Drug Symptomology Chart - Analyzing a DRE facesheet and narrative report - Overview of the Seven (7) DRE Drug Categories - Updates and changes in the new 2010 DRE curriculum Materials Included: -2010 DRE Student Manual (hardcopy) -2010 DRE Instructor/Student Manual (cd-rom) -Pocket size DRE Drug Matrix Day Three, November 10th : Conquering Chemical Evidence Topic Covered: -Understand the Intox 5000, the certificate of inspection & maintenance log -Intox 5000 Motion vs Trial Issues -Under 21 DUI Cases involving Intox 5000 -Why Drug Screening requires confirmation testing -Correlating blood and urine drug findings with behavioral issues -Understanding Crime Lab Testing procedures -Toxicology Motion vs Trial Issues -Understanding the toxicology report Materials Included: -Intox 5000 student manual (most current edition, cd rom) -Intox 5000 inspection protocol (most current ediction, cd rom) -Crime lab testing handout Day Four - November 11th: DUI Trial Techniques, DUI Case Law & Mock Trial Topics Covered: -Cross Examination of DUI officer -Direct Examination of DUI expert -DUI Case Law Update -Ethics training -Professionalism training -Mock Trial - DUI alcohol case -Mock Trial - DUI drug case -Mock Trial - DUI alcohol/drug combination case Materials Included: -DUI case law handouts

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