Written by attorney Robert Stephen Meyring

10 Worst Lawyer Views & 10 Great Things About Being a Lawyer

When I was younger, I thought lawyers were bottom feeders; thought they were professional liars, had no morals, and generally caused more problems than they solved. That’s actually what I thought about attorneys for most of my life. From what I’ve heard and seen, I would think most people would agree with my younger view of the legal practitioner. I understand how many people feel about lawyers because I felt that way too. I thought that lawyers were mostly interested in money; that people went to law school to become politicians and that lawyers charged too much per hour. I would avoid lawyers believing they were arrogant, always argumentative and that was the last thing I’d ever want to be. Now, I’m older and of course…I’m a lawyer! I’ve had an about-face about being an attorney. Even while studying at Emory, I was ambivalent about going to law school. The point is, by the end of law school, I saw that a lawyer can be a force for good. Here is what I like best about being a lawyer with my Atlanta law firm: 1) Helping keep families together through tough times and transitions with a full service Trusts and Estates practice 2) Helping start a client’s business 3) Practicing under an earned privilege as a sworn litigating attorney before the courts with the legal duty to advocate for the client 4) Delivering legal services with efficient technologies, respecting a client’s time and reducing the fee 5) Believing that my grandfather, role model, and attorney, Arthur Meyring would be proud of the general practice I’m building 6) Working less than a mile from home 7) Building up the local community through pro bono legal and volunteer business services 8) Having my own corner office, setting my own hours, choosing my practice areas and clients 9) When clients say: “Thank you for explaining it in plain-speak so I can understand it the first time you tell me." 10) The opportunity to break every bad lawyer stereotype and in the process help the greatest number of people in the best possible way.

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