Written by attorney Jeff Adrian Biddle

10 Surprising Statistics Showing the Importance of an Involved Father

Do you want more parenting time or to be more involved in your child's life? It can sometimes be difficult to put into words for your judge, or even society or your friends, WHY you should be a larger part of your children's lives. Here are ten surprising statistics that you can perhaps incorporate into your plea to the judge or the other parent about why your involvement is so valuable for your children.

  1. 85% of youths sitting in jail grew up in a home without a father.

  2. Children who grow up in fatherless homes are twice as likely as those with fathers to end up in jail.

  3. Children who grow up in a home separate from their father are 4.3 times more likely to be smokers.

  4. Children who grow up without a father are twice as likely to drop out of high school.

  5. Children without fathers are four times more likely to have emotional or behavioral problems that require assistance.

  6. Approximately 75% of teenage suicides occur in a home where one parent is absent.

  7. 63% of youth suicides are from fatherless homes. You do the math...if 75% of teenage suicides are where one parent is absent but 63% are from fatherless homes, then only 12% of teenage suicides are from motherless homes. The remaining 25% are from homes with both parents.

  8. 15-19 year old girls that grow up in one-parent homes are far more likely to engage in premarital sex.

  9. If a mother attends church regularly with her children but without the father, only 2% will choose to become regular churchgoers as adults. If a father attends church regularly with his children even without the mother, 44% will choose to become regular churchgoers.

  10. 75% of young patients seeking substance abuse treatment are from fatherless homes. That's 10 times the average.

There are a surprising number of benefits to your children for you to be an involved father. Do your research, contact an attorney and teach the judge how much you care and how beneficial it will be for the children to involve you in the children's lives. By including the statistics, you just might also show the judge that not only do you care about your kids, you went one step above the average parent and tried to find out just how important fathers are to ALL children.

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