Written by attorney Renee E. Moeller | Nov 18, 2008

Board of Law Examiners Investigation for Qualification for Texas Law License

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The Texas Board of Law Examiners is not a part of the Texas State Bar. Both are established per the authority of the Texas Supreme Court but are separate entities.; FAQs “A Message from the Texas Board of Law Examiners to Prospective Applicants for Admission to the Bar of Texas,” Prospective Student Message. Texas Bar of Law Examiners website:; FAQs Texas Govt. Code §552.142 (b). Texas Govt. Code § § 411.081(d), 411.081(i)(5), 411.083(b), 411.084(a), 411.087(a), and 411.100. Rules Governing Admission to the Bar of Texas.

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