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A notice to vacate form notifies a landlord that the tenant will be moving out by a specified date. The landlord may provide the template, or the tenant may draft their own.

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Learn more about notice to vacate forms

A tenant's notice to vacate premises informs your landlord that you, the tenant, plan to move out by a certain date. The notice to vacate includes important information about the intention to vacate, such as the date when the tenant will leave. It’s a simple one-page form, and can be completed in just a few minutes.

Other names

A notice to vacate may also be called a tenant’s notice to vacate the premises. This type of tenant lease notice should not be confused with a lease termination notice, which is sent by the landlord.

Who should use this form?

This form is designed for people who are currently renting an apartment, but plan to leave at the end of the lease. You typically provide a tenant's notice to vacate premises either 30, 60, or 90 days before the end of your lease. The time frame for providing this notice is specified in your lease agreement.

What to include in a notice to vacate

A notice to vacate informs your current landlord that you will be leaving your apartment or other rental property at the end of your lease. The form should always include:
  • The date you created the notice
  • The date you will move out
  • Your landlord’s name or property management company
  • An address to return any deposits to
  • Your signature
Your landlord's policies will specify if you're required to submit this type of documentation. However, it's a smart idea to supply a written notice to vacate regardless of whether it's specified in your lease agreement. Even if you're only required to supply verbal notice, this document gives you written proof that you supplied the required notice before vacating.
You must sign your tenant's notice to vacate premises form. If you're the only adult in your household, yours is the only signature needed. However, if there are other adults on your lease, you must include all of them. You can easily add your e-signature and share your document with anyone who may need to e-sign it too.
Your notice to vacate can be disputed later if there are leaseholders who do not include their signatures on this document, so make sure your spouse, roommates, and anyone else who lives with you takes the time to sign the notice to vacate.

Next steps

Once you have completed your notice to vacate form, save one copy for your own records and send another to your landlord. Make sure the date is accurate so there can be no dispute about how much notice you provided.
While this notice is probably all you will need to give your landlord, it's best to deliver it personally and make sure there's nothing else you need to fill out or sign.
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