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Create a Sample Resignation Letter

A resignation letter is a document written by an employee, explaining their intention to resign from their current position. Providing a written notice makes the process easier for your employer, and can help you leave on better terms.

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Whether you need to give a quick two weeks notice or a more formal resignation you can use this sample resignation letter to make a gracious exit from your current position while maintaining and even strengthening your existing relationships.
Resignation Letter Example
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Dear Mr./Ms. Last Name:
I would like to inform you that I am resigning from my position as Retail Sales Associate for Company Name. My last day of work will be January 15 2017.
Thank you for the great opportunities for both professional and personal development that you have provided me during the last two years.
I have very much enjoyed working for the company and I appreciate the support that has been provided to me during my time here.
If I can help by finding or training my replacement, or provide any other assistance during this transition period please let me know.
Your Name

What to include in your resignation letter

If you live in a state that has at-will employment, you're not legally obligated to send a resignation letter. However, sending one anyways can create good will between you and your employer.
What you should include in a resignation letter depends on your circumstances. Almost all letters include the following:
  • A notice of resignation. Most letters begin with a notice of resignation, which informs your supervisor of your intent to leave your company.
  • The last day you expect to be working from your company. Your employer may ask you to leave sooner, but it’s still advisable to include this date.
In addition to these common things, you can also consider including:
  • A “thank you” to your employer for any opportunities they gave you. Depending on the person you address in the resignation letter, you might thank your supervisor for specific ways that person helped you personally or professionally.
  • An offer to train your replacement. If your job is labor-intensive or involves learning corporate software or other tools, you can let your supervisor know that you're willing to give the new employee an orientation to your job responsibilities.
  • Why you intend to resign. You don’t have to do this, but you can. For instance, you might let your supervisor know that you received an opportunity that you don't wish to pass up or that you're starting your own business. Just make sure any information you offer is the truth.
When you’re finished, sign and date the resignation letter at the end of your document. Be sure to include your job title with your signature.

Common resignation letter examples

Just as there are many different reasons for leaving your current job, there are different types of resignation letters for each situation. Some resignation letter examples are:
  • Basic resignation letter
  • Formal resignation letter
  • Appreciative resignation letter
  • Detailed appreciative resignation letter
  • Personalized resignation letter
  • Detailed and personalized resignation letter
  • Casual resignation letter
  • Retail resignation letter
  • Career change resignation letter
  • Leave of absence due to illness letter
  • Leave of absence due to family illness letter
  • Leave of absence sabbatical letter
  • Maternity leave letter
  • Relocation resignation letter
  • Resignation letter due to pregnancy
  • Resignation letter due to travel
  • Retirement letter
  • Less than ideal circumstances resignation letter
  • New job resignaiton letter
  • Resignation Letter - Returning to School

Next steps

You can print, mail, or hand-deliver a resignation letter, or you can send your letter by email. If you have multiple supervisors, or if you sometimes work in different departments, consider writing a resignation letter to each person.

Your supervisor, or another member of management, may want to conduct an exit interview or discuss the exact date you'll leave the company.
Some companies don't allow employees to continue working for 2 weeks after submitting a resignation notice, while others appreciate retaining an employee during the time needed to find and train a replacement.

Lastly, be sure keep a copy of your letter and any other documentation you receive. Your employer might ask you to sign other forms related to your final pay or termination of employment benefits, and it’s important to have a record of this.
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