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Yesturday i resive on the mail a arrest warrant regarding a insident on october 2008

Alhambra, CA |

i was never convicted on that case i went to jail for two days on a suspesios of a dui but when i was to go in front of a judge they just realease me i ask the person that release me that if i was to go back to court or what was i to do and more then ones he replay to me nothing you are free i was never given a paper stating that i was to go to court or eany program i was not eaven given a ticket or a case # so that i could track eany changes so now they are asking me to serend my self to the nearest police department

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As long as it has not been a year since your arrest, they can do this. But do it the easy way. Get a lawyer NOW and have him or her arrange to add the case to the court's calendar and surrender THERE, so you don't have to post a bond at your expense. This is much better than surrendering to the police. Do it quickly before the police knock on your door with a gift of bracelets for you.


Go to for a DUI defense lawyer in your area. Let him analyze the situation so you don't have to worry about it.


You should contact an attorney immediately, preferably one that specializes in DUI. The attorney may be able to appear for you in court so you don't have to. Additionally, the attorney may be able to determine if you have speedy trial or other issues that may get your case dismissed, reduced, or otherwise disposed of. go to the California DUI Lawyers Association to find an attorney in your area. Good luck!