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Yesterday I was in a car accident. We were driving down the street and the other car didn't stop at the stop sign. What do I do?

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My car was deemed underivable and towed away . We were taken to UM trauma center for rays and treatment . My insurance company said to sign over the car so they can take care of it . Once I get the police report on Monday , am I supposed to call my insurance company and let them contact the other driver's insurance or do I ? I need to rent a car in the meantime but don't have that coverage on my insurance . . . do I go after the other driver's insurance for reimbursement or does my insurance company do that ? I'm just unsure about it all .

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You should contact both your insurance company and the at fault driver's insurance company to report the claim as soon as possible. If you plan to make a claim for bodily injury, you should speak with an attorney, whether you ultimately retain an attorney or not. Feel free to call if you have any questions.

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You need to consult an attorney ASAP to preserve and protect your rights. The adverse drivers insurance carrier should fix your car, give you a rental, compensate you for your injuries and possibly more. Use Avvo's find a lawyer tab to find a good lawyer near you.

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Contact your insurance company and report the claim. If you are contemplating a personal injury claim you should contact an attorney who can inform you of your rights, help you find the appropriate medical care if needed and help you with your property damage claim and rental car.


If you were injured, retain a personal injury lawyer. If not, report it to your insurance company to resolve.

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Seek consultation from a personal injury attorney. Go to the "find a lawyer" tab and look for one in Las Vegas.


​As the victim of an accident you have a number of rights which could be lost if you do not have the benefit of an experienced personal injury lawyer. The law is complex and provides many opportunities for insurance companies to deny or reduce benefits. Insurance companies
have no legal obligation to advise you of your rights or pay you reasonable compensation. Keep in mind insurance adjusters are trained professionals whose job is to settle claims quickly for the least amount possible. You, on the other hand, want your case settled fairly. A good personal injury lawyer handles your case from start to finish, working quickly to gather the evidence needed to document a successful case. Injury lawyers obtain the accident report, contact witnesses and verify insurance coverages. Your lawyer monitors your property damage claim, arranges for medical treatment if you request, and coordinates the payment of your medical bills with all available insurance. Reputable personal injury lawyers obtain comprehensive medical reports regarding your injuries and verification of your loss of earnings. Your lawyer handles all negotiations with insurance adjusters and should be committed to take your case to arbitration or trial if necessary. The reputation, experience and skill of your personal injury lawyer is the key for you to obtain a fair settlement. We are here in Las Vegas to help.


I would like to add one comment. If you were injured and decide to hire a lawyer, keep in mind that there is no standard personal injury fee. My law firm of Reed & Mansfield will charge you only a 25% contingency fee (based on personal injury compensation only) regardless of whether we can settle the case quickly or have to take it to trial. Most lawyers charge more, typically 1/3 or 35%, sometimes with an increase in the fee if they can't settle the case w/o filing suit.


If someone runs a stop sign and hits you, you still need to prove that the other driver actually ran the stop sign.

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