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Yes i got a question, i got married in november 2012, we had a bby in january 2013, dna was done behind my back.

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Yes i got a question, i got married in november 2012, we had a bby in january 2013, dna was done behind my back.

more specific. my name is jean, i am 18 years old, and my wife is 16 her mother co-signed for her to get married. so we got married back in november 17-2012, and in that time she was pregnant, she got pregnant back in april, the baby was born january 3rd-2013, during the baby was born she went behind my back with her ex boyfriend and they did a DNA test and it came out positive. she kept it behind my back till the baby was almost 2 months old.. at the time i find out i left the house not too long ago. now i dont wanna be with her, we got married for the reason of the baby. we wanted to do better. so my question is how may i get a divorce or cancel the marriage. or also the baby has my last name.. if you may call me or email me at 682-667-5688 or 817-987-8969 my name is jeanpier alonso.

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Can you rephrase the question. Dependent on what the results of the DNA paternity will either be established or disestablished.

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The only way to end a marriage in Florida is to file a petition for dissolution of marriage. There is no fault needed in Florida for a divorce. All that you need to end the marriage legally is to state that the marriage is irretrievably broken and submit the forms to the Court. If both parties are in agreement about the divorce and how to divide property, assets, and time with the child, then the divorce is "uncontested." This will make everything move a lot faster and is less expensive (in terms of attorney's fees). If you want to do it yourself, go to the Hillsborough County clerk of court's website and download the forms. The packet will explain the entire process. Remember that only an attorney can provide you with legal advice. Good luck to you.

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To end your marriage file a petition for divorce. Contact my office for free consultation. 727-446-7659

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