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Wyotech has screwed many of it students but nobody will do anything. Is there anything i can do?

Sacramento, CA |

hi i went to wyotech and to be honest.. i hated every second of it.ihated it so much i dropped out. the staff was rude,the recruiter lied to everyone, you couldnt even work on your car or anything there. now they are trying to get money for my student loans but they are trying to get the full 31k when i dropped out half way through i should only have to pay half of that. and to be honest i dont think i should even have to pay for a service or a school that i would never support in my life.i mean hell the sacramento branch did so poor and treated their students like crap so much that they ran out of buisness and shut down. is there anyway i could sue them for trying to get more money than what they are supposed to and false advertising.i know alot of students that would help,no Qs asked.

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If they promised you things they didn't deliver, you may have a defense to paying on the student loans. This is not the first time I have heard Wyotech criticized, so there may be something there. Please feel free to contact me about it; our website is

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