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Wrongly accused of stealing by my boyfriends alcoholic father. He says i memorzied the info and used it...HELP?

Burbank, CA |

my bf dad accused me of "memorizing" his bank card number and secretly using it to make 2 charges on his card- He toild me where to take his son for his b day and I went there, but then his account had two charges to the exact oplaces I went- But i never had his card. His dad is openly telling people I stole from him, talking negatively about me and threatening my bf HELP

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I have a couple of thoughts. First, it doesn't sound as if law enforcement has gotten involved in any way. As a result, it appears unlikely that any criminal charges have or perhaps even will be filed against you. Second, if you haven't already, it might be a good idea to try to talk to him calmly, and explain that you didn't do it. Good luck.


I am going to concur in speculating that law enforcement has not yet gotten involved nor that any criminal charges will be filed. I am going to concur also in suggesting a calm discussion with your boyfriend's dad to explain to him that you did not do it.


maybe those stores have video or a handwriting expert, if you did not do it do not worry.

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Hi. You didn't tell us the name of the store, but most, if not all department stores and a large majority of smaller stores have video cameras. Also, the credit card company will have information on the exact time (hour and minute) the transaction occurred and whether the card was actually swiped or if it was charged another way. Together with the video time that could be good evidence that you were not involved. If i were your attorney, i might suggest, depending on how credible the alcoholic father appears, setting up an appointment with the local law enforcement and telling your side of the story. You haven't told us where this occurred and what law enforcement agency would be involved, but that would factor in to this latter suggestion. Burbank Police Department would be good because they are small and they would listen. On the other hand, when a crime has occurred, they investigate very thoroughly, again, because they are so small, they can.
As my colleagues suggested, a talk with bf's dad might be in order.
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It sounds like criminal charges are unlikely at this time. However, should you be contacted by anyone connected with law enforcement, please do not make any statements. The best advice is the following: DO NOT SPEAK TO LAW ENFORCEMENT WITHOUT A LAWYER. Simply tell them that you want a lawyer present before any interview takes place or any statements are taken. Then, contact a lawyer immediately. If you cannot afford one, request an appointed lawyer. I don't know if I would try and talk to him because he sounds unreasonable in the first place, but make it clear to anyone who brings it up that the accusations are false. period. nothing more need be said.

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