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Wrongly accused of fraud, what now?

Des Moines, IA |

My ex-girlfriends family is accusing me of taking out a payday loan back in 2010. They are saying my name was on the loan but the ex-girlfriends dad social security number was on the loan. Is that even possible? and what should I do? I called the payday loan place they claim it was at and they have no records of my name. I have had people calling my landlord and my work confirming where I live and work...but they won't call me back or tell me what's going on exactly. HELP!

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Sounds like you are being harrassed more than anything else. If you didn't do anything, then ignore them. If the police come by though, immediately go see a criminal law lawyer and don't talk to anyone about any of this (including the police) until you do.

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