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Wrongfully convicted and incarcerated for Heinous Battery, due to bad lawyering and witness mis-ID.Can't afford a new lawyer!

Chicago, IL |

My brother is in jail for a crime he did not commit. A former friend accused him of throwing acid at his back, but my brother was at work at the time of the incident. Police coerced him into a confession. He served 3 mos in 2010.During this time the friend visited him and said he would "drop the charges";he also wrote a letter admitting he lied.The letter was evidence. After my brother was released,he went to court faithfully every month from 2010-2013 to clear his name.The lawyer was lackadaisical with his representation, the victim changed his story many times under oath, and the judge did not listen to the facts. My brother was given 6 years! What can be done now legally, to try to get him out sooner and clear his name? We have no money, and we feel we wasted it on our previous lawyer.

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Contact the state appellate defender to see if an appeal or post-conviction petition can be filed.

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Keep trying to find a lawyer in the Chicago area that will help. Call the public defender, call the local law school to see if a professor or some students will help.


The state appellate defender is your best bet. Contact them ASAP.


Need to appeal. Might have a claim against the detective if he did conduct an improper interrogation.