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Wrongful termination lawsuit?i had been with company since 2008.this is a temp labor work when work is available.

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the staff at labor ready is new due to changeover and i feel the morning dispatcher of jobs was biased towards me.he had his favorites,not based on work performance but ass kissing which i am not.also i had questioned said dispatcher about not passing on gas money that i left for somebody.i was asked to return to a job and when i arrived to labor ready he said he replaced me.this has happened several times to me and i proceeded to get into argument with this dispatcher who then called to have me trespassed from office which is what arrests were made and i am just fed up with treatment from this company.again i had spotless work record.

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Unfortunately, the dismissal of your employment and removal from the office was something this employer was within its right to do. Working in Florida without a contract subjects you to the at-will doctrine which allows the employer and/or employee to terminate the employment relationship for any or no reason as long as it is not for an illegal reason. Nothing you provided here indicates an illegal reason. The employer is also within its right to ask and order you to leave the offices. I recommend you do not attempt to return as you can be arrested for violating that warning.


Although you don't mention having a job injury in this posting, there was an earlier posting which sounded very familiar to the facts you list and I assume you asked your question twice. In the first posting, you mentioned having a work injury. If you get fired after filing a workers compensation claim, the law gives you the right to sue for retaliatory discharge in Circuit Court. You must prove that you were fired because of the workers comp claim and not because of any other reason.
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