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Wrongful Termination at a hospital.

Fort Lauderdale, FL |

I worked for a hospital as an Orderly for about 8 weeks. On my last check I realized that the hospital had given me correct hours but the wrong hourly wage which included shift differential, overtime, callbacks & weekend differential. Instead of going to the person that handles my pay I went to someone else who handles pay and they found out that i had a little over $100 per check taken out before taxes this excludes benefits. She called the director who does my pay who told her not to worry about it the next day i was terminated & issued a trespass warrant. What do I do?

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I suggest that you write a letter to the appropriate individual in the hospital and ask them to send you the money that was improperly withheld from your check. You may also want to consult a lawyer to determine if you were termnated illegally. Based on your description, you have not provided enough information to indicate whether you would have a potential wrongful terminatin claim. You should also file a claim for unemployment compensation. There is not likely much you can do about the trespass warning.

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