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Wrongful termination?

Cincinnati, OH |

I was working for a temp agency back from 2010-2011. At the time I had 2 DUI's on my record from 2001 and 2003 - the second being in less than 3 years and in Indiana under Ohio/Indiana reciprocal laws, landed me a Class D Felony. This didn't impact my employment as I ran my own business from 1995-2010. (Was expunged in '13)

When I filled out the application with the temp agency, I said "yes" to the conviction question and put "DUI" for the "why" question. They accepted me and put me at three LARGE companies until my perfect job opened up and I submitted to a comprehensive BG check which came back unfavorable. I did not get that position and the temp agency promptly told me they could not work with me. They already knew from my application and it was the only bad thing on my rec.

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Hang in there. Many employers are more forgiving.

This is not a case for the courts. Being a DUI convict is not a protected class like age or gender or race.