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Wrongful charge false arrest?

Edmonds, WA |

i was pulled over the police said for improper lane travel he asked for my license, I gave it to him, he punched a hole in it, put it in his pocket, told me to step out of the car, and arrested me for driving on suspended(1st time) I did not know my license was suspended(unpaid speeding ticket) he later lets me go, but has my car towed even though i had a licensed driver on the way to get me, he said i will get a ticket in the mail. next day i took care of the money owed for the speeding ticket, went to dept of licensing, paid to get my license reinstated, got my car out of tow(300.00 for less than 12hrs) then a week and half later i get a ticket in the mail for improper lane travel and driving with no auto insurance. he never asked to see my insurance or my registration. i have auto insurance and i had it with me when i was pulled over. why did he give me a ticket for that? and why didn't he give me a ticket for what he arrested me for driving on suspended? and the improper lane travel didn't happen. i want to contest this. one more thing i was in snohomish county city of edmonds, and it was a king county city of shoreline policeman, can he do that?

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You definitely want to contest the infractions. Make sure to check the bottom box and ask for a copy of the police report to see what the officer claims he observed with regards to the lane travel. Just show the judge proof that you had insurance at the time and that should take care of the no insurance infraction. As to the Driving while license suspended charge, that is a criminal charge and you should receive something from the court in the mail regarding an upcoming arraignment date. If you show proof that you have your license back, they should at least drop the charge down to an infraction of no valid license on person. The cop may have been out of his jurisdiction to write the ticket, unless Edmonds has an agreement that King County cops can patrol their streets as well.

Good Luck

Scott Terry