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Wrong Date of Birth in dependent's I-485

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I have applied through EB2-NIW and I got my !-140 approved. Based on this, we filed the I-485. When we got the biometrics notice my wife's date of birth was written incorrectly. We immediately got an infopass and reported the issue. After 15 days my wife got an RFE for the conflict in birth certificate and application. We sent proper documentation and after a while they approved my i-485! but her application is still pending. I got my green card but still hers is pending (initial Review). Do you have any idea what we should do now? Is this going to make a lot of problems for us? Have you ever had any clients with this problem? Is this going to take a long time?

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You are already familiar with the InfoPass process. Make another appointment and sort it out with the local USCIS office. They have jurisdiction over your wife's application and can answer your question. Your appointment also might get your wife's file back on the top of the stack on someone's desk.

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Option 1: continue waiting
Option 2: do an InfoPass
Option 3: retain an experienced immigration attorney.

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First, make another Infopass appointment to correct her date of birth. Bring with you the response to your wife's RFE and reference your previous Infopass appointment so the Officer is aware this is your second time coming in for the same issue. Note the Officer's name and calendar a follow up within two weeks.

Second, do a Service Request by calling 800-275-5283. Do same as above. Monitor her case online at using her I-485 receipt number.

You may have to repeat all of these steps. Be patient and good luck to you.

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Sameera Sani

Sameera Sani


The correct USCIS phone number is 800-375-5283. Apologies for the typo.