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Written Response for Child Support Summons. Can't afford attorney, and need advice.

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My husband was served with a child support summons on the 29th of this month by a girl who is alleging him as her son's father. She filed for TANF & SNAP & placed his name as the child's absent parent. Now, CSE is coming after him. Anyway, we cannot afford an attorney because we are both full-time students & full-time parents to our child together. The paper work states that he must return a written response within 20 calendar days to the Clerk of Courts & the attorney stated below. Well, I am the one doing the written response & I need help! There are so many documents online that I have been through & I have no idea which documents I need. I also have statements that she has said about him & me that contradicts her case. She also wants spousal support, but they were never married.

I have been to the website but I have no idea what forms I need. I also don't understand how to format the response. Someone said the paragraphs need to be numbered, but I am replying based upon the child support, spousal support, medical coverage, etc. Then I want to include that she lied in the petition, and state which statements she lied about. Like I said, I also want to include statements she has made about my husband and me that contradicts her case against him, and that another man has provided for her and child before he was born and all the way up until they moved. I have all my notes and everything saved for this sole purpose because I knew it would happen one day.

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See the link below. This is most likely the form you will want to use. Good luck.



Am I going to need any other forms? While reading the form you gave me it said I will need to turn this form along with 'other' forms. What other forms? I'm so sorry about all this, but I want to make sure I do it right.