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Wouldn't this be considered unfair business practices and price gouging?

Fitchburg, MA |

I started an insurance policy a few years back with progressive, my
policy started out at $356 for a 6 month policy over the course of time
it went up slightly maybe $25-75.00 well in September of 2010 it jumped
to $1,798 for a 6 month policy with no incidents, claims, and the same
vehicle, so we obviously cancelled which means we had to re register
the vehicle in my name since my boyfriend lost his license and was
unable to get insured through anyone else, I found a company that
offered us $1100 a year for the same vehicle, but just out of curiosity
since progressive claims I still owe them money I did an online quote
with them again (how I bought the original policy) and got a new quote
of $631.00 for a 6 month policy.... How is that possible unless they
are roping people in and price gouging... which can't be legal is it?
when I called them to ask them why my policy had gone up so much
without any incidents or claims they simply told me they were having a
hard time adjusting there Massachusetts rates, and the rate of $1,756
is what they had to charge in Massachusetts, and maybe it would be best
for me to go find another company.

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I think the answer to your cost might be in your question. Was your boyfriend a member of your household? If he was or was listed as an operator on your vehicle, that could be why the cost jumped. It is hard to say exactly without any information from the company.

If they take you to court over the money owed, it would make sense to serve them with discovery and obtain the policy breakdown as to cost. You can try sending them a letter asking for the information and see what they do.

You can always contact an attorney for a free consult ans see if you have a case they feel is worth taking, though Insurance companies are notoriously difficult to deal with and tightfisted.

These are generic informational answers, not to be construed as legal advice or creating an Attorney client relationship. If you have a legal issue, you should always consult an Attorney in your jurisdiction. You wouldn't ask a surgeon to talk you through a heart transplant via email, don't expect to do the same with a legal matter.

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