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Would you know who I can contact in Wisconsin regarding HUD issues. I feel I will need to

Pewaukee, WI |

contact someone at the very top. Everyone I contact tells me what I know and why. I need someone to help me with my housing issue (previous question)

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I'm sorry but this is a bit too vague to answer. It is not clear to me if your issue is with HUD the agency or if you need to contact the agency because the issue concerns your housing situation. You mention a previous question, but I don't know that I saw that on here. I am responding now because you posted 2 days ago and have not response which makes me think the other attorneys are similarly confused.

If you don't want to re-post, I would suggest starting with Legal Aid if this is about Section 8 issue, the attorney general of State of Wisconsin's consumer complaint line if this is about a rental issue, or an attorney if this is about a mortgage.

I hope this helps.

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Here is a link that may help:
I don't understand your question but hopefully the information at the website will help you.

This response is intended for informational purposes only and does not create an attorney-client relationship or constitute legal advice.