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Would this vehicle still be in my name and am I liable? What should I do?

San Rafael, CA |

Gave car back to the dealership before they physically repossessed it. Now 4 years later, received a notice of pending lien sale. This car was registered in AZ, but was turned in to a CA dealership. No longer has a license plate number, since AZ plates stay with the owners.

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Attorney answers 3


Immediately call a Business Law attorney. Your credit rating may be at risk and you want to be pro-active rather than reactive. See Avvo.Com under Find-A-Lawyer. Good Luck!


you will need a lawyer. Even if this is simply a mistake it will be better to have a lawyer say so in a letter.

The advice provided is in good faith but not a guaranty of accuracy under all circumstances.


ALL documents related to this event need to be reviewed by someone in lemon law and auto fraud. There is no logical reason the vehicle should still be under your name. Hopefully, it's just a simple error in recordkeeping.