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Would this be considered conflict of interest?

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My ex husband and I was considered prose up in till today when he showed up to a hearing with an attorney that he used for our divorce. I filed a complaint with the FL bar against the attorney because of something he did wrong. The attorney is also the boss of my ex husband's wife's mother. So every time we have a hearing or mediation the mother in law feels that she has the right to be present at everything just because she is the secretary of the attorney. My ex-husbands wife filed false police reports against me for battery in which the case was thrown out at trial by the judge. Now her mom gets to be present during everything just because she is the secretary? I have never seen an attorney bring along his secretary to mediation and to hearings. Is she allowed to be there?

Also wouldn't this be a conflict of interest due to the fact I filed a complaint to the bar against him and also his secretary is my ex-husbands wife's mother.

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From your description of the facts, there is no conflict of interest. It would be a conflict of interest here if, for example, he had represented you in the divorce and now, in a different proceeding, he represented your ex-husband.

Also, from what you say, the hearings you are a part of are in open court. Thus, anyone has a right to attend, so your ex-mother in law is well within her rights to be present.

Hopefully you have a good attorney on your side for these proceedings.


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I agree with the above answer, that from the facts you provided, it is not a conflict of interest. The court is open to the public, but I am not sure what kind of mediation(s) you have been having or how many. I think if you were uncomfortable with that, you could have asked the mediator the the attorney to have her leave. A mediation is not a public hearing.


this is not a conflict of interest.