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Would this be a conflict of interest?

Houtzdale, PA |

A year ago I lost visitation with my children due to alcoholism. I am now in recovery and want to petition for visitation/reunification. I believe there is a conflict of interest in this county due to the fact that my ex-wife's new husband is an enforcement officer for said counties domestic relations section. I recently requested change of venue regarding my child support order in a de novo hearing and the judge granted my request. I was successful and my support order is now in another county. What rules of civil procedure govern this and what procedure needs to be applied to make this argument? Thank you in advance for your help.

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The Domestic Relations Section and the custody department are separate. An enforcement officer whose duties are solely with the Domestic Relations Section should not present a conflict of interest for the custody department.

You should contact an attorney immediately if you do not already have one. If you are seriously concerned that there will be a conflict of interest in the custody proceedings because of your ex-wife's new husband, it will likely be more difficult to obtain a change of venue on the custody case, because the two departments are separate, and you should have competent legal counsel to represent you.

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I agree with Mr. Hirschmann. There is no conflict. It may feel unfair, but that doesn't make it a conflict. Consult an experienced family law attorney in your county to discuss this further.

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Your custody case is worth pursuing. There is no conflict. Contact a lawyer to help you present your case.

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