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Would the dream act allowed the child to travel out of the country ?

Philadelphia, PA |

my son 16 been in the US since he was 7 and im just wondering if he could travel to the Caribbean with the dream act

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There is no law called the "Dream Act."

You might be referring to Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). Has your son applied for DACA? Did he get approved for DACA?

A person who has been approved for DACA and who then leaves the United States will almost certainly be denied entry to the United States upon an attempt to return after the trip abroad.

So, a person with DACA should definitely NOT travel outside the United States.

You should consult with an immigration attorney about the situation.

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I assume you are referring to deferred action, as my colleague has pointed out. If your son applies for deferred action and is approved, he can travel outside the country only under special circumstances. To be allowed to re-enter, he must apply for "advanced parole" and be approved before he leaves the US. If he is not approved for advanced parole before he leaves, he will not be allowed to re-enter the US.

However, I counsel my clients to avoid leaving the US if at all possible. Advanced parole may be granted for a true emergency (such as an ill parent or a funeral) but will generally not be granted just to visit family or to take a vacation. In addition, even if advanced parole is approved before someone leaves the US, it does not guarantee that they will be allowed to re-enter, as the final decision will be made by the immigration official at the border checkpoint.

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