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Would my juvenile probation end when I turn 18? Or will it continue? If so, will it be on my adult record?

Indianapolis, IN |

I've been on probation for quite a while and I really have not done what the court had asked yet. I have no job or anything or ways to come up with money, I owe restitution to a business owner for doing damage to his property but have made no payments once so ever, and I probably won't be able to. What do I do?

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After 20 years in this business, I can tell you that a Court will not be impressed by "I can't," no matter what the circumstance. Believe it or not, any effort -- 10 - 20 bucks a month -- will be better than nothing. I know jobs are hard to come by, but this is no time for pride. Get a job. Any job. Start making payments. Do NOT keep waiting for the problem (probation) to go away...
Good luck!!

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Probation will not terminate at 18. Come up with a way to at least pay small partial payments on the restitution.

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