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Would it be possible to have a Disorderly Conduct charge dismissed or reduced. Considering it's a first criminal offense?

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My girlfriend, and I, were both summoned for disorderly conduct after a domestic dispute in our home. We both had called 911. We both also had told the police that the other had hit us. Truthfully, out of fear of going to jail we both had lied about the physical assaults. Instead we both had been arguing when she had threatened to call 911 and have me put in jail if i didn't shut up. I became fearful and called 911 myself knowing the power a woman has with the police in such a circumstance. When she had noticed me talking with dispatch she called herself. The police charged us both with Disorderly Conduct. These charges have now caused her risk of losing custody of her daughter in an impending custody dispute with her ex husband. Also my job is at risk with a conviction.

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Contact a criminal defense attorney well before you are scheduled to appear in court. It is very common for these types of cases to be disposed of without a conviction. You are much more likely to obtain a favorable result if you have an attorney representing you.

As an aside, you should not be so specific in your post. These forums are public. While it is unlikely that what you say here will be used against you in some fashion, you never know. Plus, I believe it is likely that you also are talking with others about the events of that day. You should not do so unless the statement are to someone with whom you have a privilege recognized by law - your lawyer, your spouse, your priest, rabbi, etcetera.

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