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Would it be possible for me to sue my boss for wrongfully putting me through a termination process?

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My boss pulled me into a meeting with a union representative and told me I was fired for not showing up to work one day, I immediately realized he suspended me for attendance points on that day, making the whole meeting pointless, however he was so sure and eager to fire me he didn't check his records and had me removed from the system and now that I am working I am not able to receive my paycheck and I am currently without money with my accounts overdrafted and in a distressed mental state because of all of this, I don't want to take legal action because I fear for my job but is there anything I can do?

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The law does not permit employees to sue their bosses individually unless the boss has committed unlawful harassment. This one unfortunately circumstance would likely not qualify as unlawful harassment. Therefore it is very improbable that you could sue your boss and succeed.

I am not sure what you expect could occur, especially if you fear losing your job. The better course is to not show up late again and do what you can to rebuild a trust with your boss, not go to war with him.

Good luck to you.

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I don't believe you have an action against your boss for "wrongfully putting you through a termination process." Perhaps you should talk to your union representation about the fact that you are working and not being paid.


No, you can't sue your boss in this situation.

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