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Would it be easier for me to become a medical biller opposed to a nurse, paralegal or real estate agent?

Lake, MI |

I was convicted of uttering and publishing " in August 2009 , placed on 12 moths probation with 50 hours of community service and paid $ 2500 in restitution .

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Contact the state licensing agencies and inquire about their admission requirements. You don't want to go through the expense and effort to complete school if you're not going to be eligible to do the job.


As Mr. Loncar indicates, you should contact the licensing agency in the state you plan to practice and see what their requirements are.

You should also know that, if you meet certain criteria, you can have your conviction expunged from your record. You have to wait at least five years from the date of sentencing. The conviction will still be on record and available to state agencies for purposes of professional licensing. You should contact a lawyer to see if expungement is a possibility for you and how it will affect licensing.


If this is your only conviction, you are getting closer to the 5 year wait which is part of expungement. You can consult an attorney as to the exact date when you completed all of your obligations. A bad check is different, say, from a false signature. Ask an attorney about the status of your crime, and then contact the MI licensing agency specific to a profession. You can find them all on the state web site. Focus on a profession you will like, but check out the rules first.

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