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Would I win Child custody and have the father only on supervised visits?

Miami, FL |

I take my daughter to see her dad once a week, I have always been open to him seeing her, However, 2 weeks ago he hired a mediator so that he can spend alone time, nights and weekends with her.

When we lived together he was very violent. He also looked and touched her in an a sexually inappropriate manner, which is one of the reasons I do not want him alone with her. I am scared for her safety and well being and I fear that if I leave her alone with him these actions will continue. When I took her over 3 weeks ago, he took her upstairs and at the time that he was going down he did not hold her hand and just watched her fall on her back and hit her head going down the steps. When I questioned him, he said it was just an accident. Please help, Im very worried.

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I believe you've asked and I've attempted to answer your question previously. Please see my previous response.

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