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Would I go to jail or prison for first time petty theft (worth $3.50)? This is my first offense ever. I'm 18 and still in HS.

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Which is worst and which would I go to? How long would I go there for? How much will this stupid mistake cost my family and I (beginning to end)? What are the chances of me going to jail/prison?

I "stole" a $3.50 candy/protein bar. What happened was I put the bar in my pocket, but then I took it out. The clerk then came up to me and asked to see my pockets so I did so and she found nothing. She said sorry and thank you. Within a minute or so I went up to the front desk and bought the same candy bar.

Like how much would the fines be and how much would bail be and all that type of stuff?

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No jail or prison with this type of offense and likely that charges will not be accepted by the DA.


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Based on my other questions, how long will I have to worry about this for? I know if I go back to that store I will get arrested, but if I do not go back, and I just go from school to home, how long do you think I'd have to worry for and how will I know that the police aren't focused on me? When will I be safe from this stupid mistake? (I know the store has 3 years to report me if they see me, but if I don't go back to that store or I don't make myself visible)


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