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Would I get penalized for living with someone who collects welfare but the welfare does not come in my name?

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I currently live with my son's dad. We had gone through a custody battle a year prior. He won physical custody of our 2 yr old. So I still pay child support & he still collects welfare after me telling him to report it but he doesn't. If I report him, do I have to worry about being charged with welfare fraud myself even though all of the welfare paperwork is solely under his name & he even uses a different address but both of our names are on the current lease in the apt that we share with our son. I want to go back to court & fight for the custody of my son but by pointing him out on welfare fraud does that affect me as well for living with him?

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You should really hire an attorney for this. You don't want to make a mistake here. You can't just get abused like that--where he collects welfare and child support as well. You should get with an attorney who can help you navigate this system, the criminal as well as the family law aspect.


Get an attorney and review the facts. Be careful with what you say or do .

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It sounds like a complicated situation. However, more facts and details are necessary in order to advise you properly. I recommend that you contact one of the many qualified attorneys here on AVVO to discuss your situation.

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