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Would i be eligible to apply for the new immigration law that is being passed by the government?

Little Elm, TX |

I'm 20 years old , I went to the U . S . legally with a 10 year tourist visa in 2002 with my family when i was 10 years old . We stayed there past our 6 months permit and lived there until July 2011 . During the time i lived in the U . S . I finished middle / high school , started college , and was even considered a Texas resident for education purposes , through a state law that allows undocumented students to apply for higher education as well as financial aid . I also worked during the time i lived in the U . S . and declared my income taxes . then in July of 2011 I returned to my native country only to find out 1 . 5 years later that Obadiah passes a legalization law for immigrants that reside in the U . S . I would like to know if I'm eligible even though I'm no longer residing in the U . S .

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You have been outside the US for too long to qualify for deffered action.


You do not appear to be eligible for DACA.

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Unfortunately based on your facts you do not qualify for DACA.

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isn't there another law that is passing in 2013 for the new immigration reform, different from the DACA?

Giacomo Jacques Behar

Giacomo Jacques Behar


Yes, hopefully comprehensive immigration reform. But it will help the illegals inside the country, not those who left.

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