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Would I be able to take a diversion class for a marijuana and paraphernalia possession charge? (first offense)

Louisville, KY |

Occurred around 3:30 am. I accidentally ran a light, and was pulled over. He asked for proof of insurance, though I couldn't figure out which card it was, right away, due to me being so nervous. (I found it soon after he left.)
The officer smelled marijuana in the car, and said he'd be more lenient if I was honest, and I was. He asked to search. I consented, and he found 10 grams of marijuana, a smoking bowl, a stash can, a grinder, and a scale.
(As I also told the officer, I honestly do not sell marijuana, I honestly have no intent of selling marijuana, and that I chose to buy a larger amount, so I would be set for summer, and not have to worry about finding more.)
This is my first offense.

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Hire a criminal defense attorney ASAP in Louisville, KY to represent you.

We have a Marijuana Education Program as a referral resource to dispose of the POM charge , if you qualify. Get an attorney.

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