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Would i be able to file a claim

Littleton, NC |

I went to the emergency room due to severe stomach pains. At the time i was 21 weeks pregnant. i was sent to the maternity floor. they checked my baby heartbeat. never did they check my cervix after i told them i was bleeding.they discharged me diagnosing me with constipation. when i had a follow up with my doctor they told him that i was just having little discomfort due to constipation, not telling him anything else. when i got home not even 30 mins from being discharged i delivered and my baby didn't make it.

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So sorry to hear abt the loss of your child. Without a thorough review of your and your child's medical records, including the E. R. records from the visit in question, it very difficult to determine whether you have a claim. Due to recent changes in N.C. law, medical negligence cases can be very difficult. I would advise you contact a lawyer who is experienced in medical negligence cases.


Consult with a medical malpractice attorney ASAP. How much time passed between the ER and your follow up visit with your doctor?



3 days

Dennis Wayne Tackett

Dennis Wayne Tackett


Sorry about your loss. See an attorney ASAP.


You should consult with a NC medical malpractice attorney ASAP. However, it may be difficult to prove that you would not have lost the baby even if they properly diagnosed the problem.

In seeking an attorney on this site, beware of limiting your search to attorneys with a 10 rating, and carefully read the AVVO disclaimer regarding their rating system. There are certain factors that are given great weight which do not necessarily have any bearing on an attorney's experience, abilities, and results with certain types of cases. Accordingly, the rating numbers can be misleading. Also beware of basing your choice on the fee charged, as a low fee, depending on the skill, experience and determination of the specific attorney handling your case, could actually have an inverse relationship to the amount actually put in your pocket.


A local malpractice lawyer would need to order your medical records to investigate. Avvo has a terrific "find a lawyer" tool to locate a top-rated Avvo attorney (10) with a reasonable contingency fee, less than thirty percent, so you don't get hurt twice. Good luck.

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