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Would household income disqualify someone from Medicaid eligibility in Texas?

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My mother gifted a duplex to my brother and me, & she has since died. My brother has social security income of $1000/mo, and no assets or cash. I have a job and multiple assets. We want to live in opposite sides of the duplex; each has a separate address but shares the same utility meters. He wants to apply for Medicaid. Is there a chace that Medicaid consider this 1 dwelling and if so, would our separate incomes somehow be considered a household income that might disqualify him? What is considered a "household"?

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In order for your brother to apply for Medicaid, his share of the duplex needs to be titled in his name only, and your share of the duplex needs to be titled in your name only. Your income should not disqualify him because you live separately (albeit in a duplex) from him. Furthermore, make sure you do not have joint accounts.

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