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Would civil action be advisable?

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My wife checked into an Orlando hotel and was mistakenly given a room previously assigned to another customer with a similar name. When the correct guests arrived after midnight and tried to get into our room they could not since we had locked it from inside. The hotel called the police, who practically bashed our door in without identifying themselves. After some significant hassle, the mistake was figured out. We were left alone, but could not sleep the rest of the night. Early next morning, the clerk called to ensure that we brought down our credit card again and charged us full price for the room. We are retired professionals, not thugs or miscreants.

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What a way to treat hotel guests! I guess this hotel does not rely on repeat business? That said, I don't think it wold be worth it to file a lawsuit. Your damages were minimal, and so would any recovery. You may instead want to consider writing a letter to the hotel demanding a refund, either yourself or through an attorney (if it is financially feasible). The very least they could do is refund your money for that night. Good luck!

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A lawsuit may or may not be warranted, or at least a legal letter in advance of a lawsuit. At a minimum, you should receive your money back.

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