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Would an attorney be necessary for this case?

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'he' is being charged with child pornography for having three nude pictures of a minor on his cell phone. The police found the pictures after catching 'him' and this girl in his car kissing. The police came to inspect the car and realized she was a minor and the police assumed bad things were going on. The police asked 'him' how he met the girl, and he said online. So they confiscated his cell phone and that's when the police found the pictures. 'He' went to court and they arrested him on the spot. 'He' has two more court dates for a preliminary hearing and a readiness conference. What could happen to him?

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Jail. Lifetime registration as a sex offender.

'He' needs a criminal defense attorney I M M E D I A T E L Y.

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If he can't afford one, then get the public defender.

Child pornography is a serious crime, with serious jail time and other penalties. He could be charged with other crimes as well.


This is a criminal defense question. Any time there are allegations of child porn, possible sexual contact, it is very important to consult an experienced criminal defense attorney in the county where the alleged incident occurred. Since the individual appears to have a preliminary hearing set, it appears that "he" already has legal representation. What could happen is such an open ended question. Because this is a public forum, no more facts should be posted here. He should discuss things with his attorney or public defender who probably has the police reports.

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