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Would a pending case show up on a work related background check?

Orlando, FL |

I currently live in New York, but just found out that I have a pending case in Orlando, FL. I will be flying to Orlando to take care of my charges but I also would like to live in Orlando. Would a background check show my pending case? The case is my first offense. I just want to know if I can acquire a job in Orlando, or if I should stay in New York with my current job.


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An arrest will appear on a background check


An arrest will show up on your background check, however, depending on what the charges are, whether the case is dropped or your convicted will likely make a difference on how a future employer views you. Remember, it is always best to be truthful in your application because if you conceal your criminal record, if it is discovered later, you can be terminated.


Florida has an extremely liberal open records law. Anyone can go on and look at pending cases. If the charge is a felony then its even worse and an employer would be wary of it. I have had this issue come up with clients. Best thing to do is to resolve the charges quickly and if the outcome is favorable you can seal/expunge your record.

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