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Would a lawyer in Tampa go pro bono for my case? I knowingly drove with a suspended license and have to appear in court.

Lithia, FL |

I was pulled over going 37 in a 25 mph area. I have about $6,000 in unpaid tickets. All from not paying tolls. Around 20 tickets each ticket about $200. I'm a single mother and currently unemployed. I desperately need some help. Also when I returned home to look over the ticket properly, at the bottom where I'm suppose to sign it states 'Signature is required if infraction requires an appearance in court'. He did not have me sign it. Can this help me in any way?

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Driving with a suspended license is more than simply a traffic infraction. It is a crime. It is unlikely that you would find an attorney that would take the case pro bono. If you cannot afford an attorney, the court will appoint one to you free of charge.


You qualify for the services of a public defender. When you go to court ask for an attorney and the court will appoint the public defender's office. You need to stop driving. The third driving with a suspended license charge can be made a felony, if you meet certain criteria.


The pro bono attorney you seek is the public defender. You will not get an aggressive criminal defense attorney, other than the public defender, for free. Not signing will not defeat the case.

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