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Would a immigration lawyer ever take are case pro-bono if so let me know how to get in contact with them

Irving, TX |

I am young and so is she we have known each other a long time and we do not have the money to get a lawyer to get her a green card and we are afraid to file it are self at this point we have been married for 2 years we live in Dallas TX and she has gone to school in the US she has only lived in mexico for 2 years of her life and all her relatives over there are dead now she has her birth certificate and Mexican ID and we have no kids at the moment she did not get her highschool diploma when she was young she was kidnapped and forced to drop out of school and to start working the kidnapper was her older brother and his wife I know im asking for a lot but any thing will help there is more to this thin im putting done and the it does get kinda sad and id rather not add it to an open site

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Try community organizations in your area and "free clinics', also don't forget "Catholic Charities". Google free immigration services in your area.

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I agree with Mr. Behar ... find a non-profit organization in your area ... this is too complex to do yourself.

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Like my colleagues suggested, there are local nonprofits you can try. I am also near you and would be happy to meet you for a free consultation and help you find a good referral if I cannot take the case.