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Would a creditor actually pursue foreclose on my home even if I am upside down on it and the amount of the lien is so minimal?

Avon, OH |

I've been going back and forth with the attorneys that represent my HOA for months about a $400 debt they feel I owe. (I haven't paid it because I do not believe it's my debt). Every month they add more and more legal and processing fees and now we're at $677, a lien and threatening foreclosure. I have a 1st and 2nd mortgage on my home that I purchased right before the economy took a nose dive, so it lost 40% of it's value. Basically they would get nothing if they pursued this. They're being aggressive and won't even communicate with my attorney to try to compromise to end this once and for all. Is this a scare tactic? Are they trying to get me to cave in or will they actually forclose for $677? What's their end game here?

The HOA does not allow renting of units.

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If your HOA docs permit it, they will most likely attempt to rent it out to recoup their losses.