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Would a car accident be consider a low impact accident because air bag on passenger side didn't deploy ower disable air bag

Cleveland, OH |

Hurt in car accident concussion, neck,back, and torn rotar cuff injured also loss of wages; paralegal states Nationwide Insurance Company is claiming accident was a low impact:

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If the "paralegal" that you refer to is in your attorney's office then you need to meet and discuss this matter with your attorney. An experienced personal injury attorney will not get caught up in the insurance company's labels. They are merely ways for the insurance company to try to minimize your recovery. You could have a significant impact even if the air bag failed to deploy. There could be many reasons for that, i.e. malfunction, angle of impact, etc. In any event, even a low impact can cause severe injuries depending on a variety of factors, including what happened to your body inside the vehicle, your anatomy and how you respond to trauma, age, etc. Your case is unique, and if you have an experienced personal injury attorney they will treat it that way and maximize your recovery.


Sorry to hear about your crash. Insurance companies will take whatever position they can to minimize your injuries, including calling it a "low-impact" or MIST case (minor impact soft tissue), even though they can be significant injuries. If you do not have an attorney, contact an Ohio Auto Accident Attorney (e.g., BLUE LINK BELOW) now to make sure your case is investigated and presented to maximize fair compensation for what you've been through. I hope you feel better soon. Was this helpful? Please let me know by clicking “mark as helpful” or “best answer”—a free and easy way to say thank you!

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This is nothing more than an insurance company trying to limit your ability to obtain the compensation you deserve. It sounds like you are going to have a fight on your hands and you need a good attorney on your side. Don't wait as Nationwide is already starting to build a case against you.


More facts are needed here. If the collision was a side impact or rear end collision, then the air bags would not deploy. Even in a front impact, the air bags only deploy if the sensor is struck. If the airbag mechanism was not working, then that would also explain why the airbag did not deploy. You have serious injuries and you should consider a free consultation with a local personal injury lawyer who can help you with all these issues.


Don't try to resolve it yourself. Whether or not it was low or high impact, a personal injury lawyer should be retained to get maximum compensation

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