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Worried in Texas sued for credit card debt

Kerrville, TX |

Doesn't your Social Security just become money when it it is direct deposit in a bank? Thus that being said isn't it subject to garnishment by a court inTexas, it is the only income that gets put in a joint checking account to pay everyday bills. Direct Deposit is the only way we can recieve our Social Security from the U.S.Government.

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Before they can obtain a writ of garnishment against your bank account, they must first obtain a judgment. That means they have to sue you. They sue on relatively few cases because of the expenses involved, and because under Texas law so much of your property is exempt. So don't worry about it. If you get personally served with a petition and citation, you will have to take action. I recommend that you go to legal aid and see if they will represent you. If the answer is no, there are a number of lawyers that specialize in the defense of credit card cases. I recommend that you locate one of them

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Social Security Income is not garnishable unless you owe the federal government money or if you co-mingle your SSI with other money. If you only have your SSI money in that account, a creditor can't garnish your account.


The website lists what type of debts can be collected from SS benefits. Your problem is you are co-mingling funds and that could hurt your. But, is there even a judgement at this point? consult a local attorney for specific answers to your concerns.

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