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Workman comp claim in state of Michigan

Roscommon, MI |

On 8/23 I was injured on my job. Detached biceps and torn ligament in shoulder.
My question is: Is the state of Michigan based on loss wages only or both loss wages and injuries for compensation?
Company has paid for medical but says will not re-attach biceps, nor have they repaired ligament. I have been told in state of MI. WC only pays for lost wages though I am unable, after 3 1/2 month, to use my arm to its full ability and I am in constant pain.

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They need to pay your wages and your medical bills. But the medical bills should include repairing the damage. Get yourself a lawyer who can help you.

David B. Carter Jr.

David B. Carter Jr.


Mr. Mogul is right on point.


WC only pays for lost wages and medical bills.


WC is supposed to function as wage replacement and payment for necessary and related medical care. In my mind if you tore a muscle and detached it due to a work related accident, the insurance should pay for the surgery to repair the damage. If they are denying coverage, which they are always going to do, then you ought to discuss your claim with an attorney to make sure all of your rights and benefits are being respected and paid out.

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