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Workers Compensation while student-employee at occupational center?

Chatsworth, CA |

Laceration to stomach while lifting tool chest handle( alot of brusing around injury). I am a student at los angeles occupational center currently but they made me Fill out DWC 1? Whats next ? 1inch and half cut with purple all around .... I was not paid but got tips from client for hair cuts... where do i stand? what compesation would i be entitled to if was not paid a salary?


All input and info welcomed....

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The circumstances surrounding your claim would depend on the individual facts of your case, however, generally speaking so long as you are working for the employer you are entitled to workers compensation benefits (there are ofcourse many exceptions to this rule). That being said, it does sound like you would be entitled to benefits.

There are four types of benefits to which you would be entitled: medical care, temporary disability, permanent disability and vocational rehabilitiation. In order to ensure that you get the full benefits you are entitled to I always recommend that you seek the services of an attorney.

The information provided above does not create an attorney client relationship, nor is it meant to be legal advice. The analysis of any issue is highly dependent on the facts and circumstances of each individual matter. We recommend that you seek a free consultation with an attorney to further address your questions.