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Workers compensation exemption

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I registered a company in NJ in sept 2007.As an owner of a corporation, I just realized (out of ignorance) that we didn't have a workers compensation and my husband was supervising to get some sales ( not working even as a part time).. he worked for 4 months but drawing a minimal salary.. we just took Workers compensation Insurance when we are hiring a sub contractor.. Can you help us with i need to have this insurance as an owner ? We need some advice so that we can avoid any penalty. My husband was the only one that was drawing the salary as part of the commissions he made.. there are no more employees.

Until Dec 18 2008, we didnot had workers compensation. We received a cross match response form from DOL and we took the Workers compensation now as we are hiring a sub contractor.. Are we good to go.. now..

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Governor Corzine has now signed into law a new enforcement statute for workers' compensation coverage in New Jersey. The law amend NJSA 34:15-79 and allows the Director of the Division of Workers' Compensation a stop-work order and impose penalties of between $1,000 to $5,000 per day for non-compliance.

The broad legislation makes it a violation for an employer to misrepresent the status of an employee as an "independent contractor" or to knowingly provide misleading, incomplete or false information.

The Division is in the process of promulgating administrative rules and regulations for implementation of this legislation.