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Workers Compensation Attorney?

Seattle, WA |

I've had 3 surgeries and the last was a complete failure and was still fixable but workers compensation had me do an IME test and exams while they lied and said it would be fixed and would work again as a nurse with little to no pain. I was instructed to take my max dose of pain medications by the IME staff before the tests due to the nature of the exams. I was also told to take more during the exam if I needed them. I was released back to full duty no restriction(normal) the following month. I was never given an option and my shoulder is a mess and I've been on the pain meds since my surgery in 2010 and I am not legally able to work as a nurse or anywhere on narcotics and my shoulder is fixable and I'm still very young. Was this legal by Washington State? What are my options? Thank You.

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It is difficult to determine from your short description but you may be entitled to one or more of the following benefits: 1) additional medical treatment, 2) additional timeloss or loss of earning power benefits, 3) an award for permanent impairment (PPD), 4) vocational retraining, or 5) a permanent disability pension.

You should call an attorney to discuss your claim. An attorney will ask you questions about the status of your workers' compensation claim, what formal legal orders have been issued, your employment status, your medical status, and other issues.

If I were to review it for you, I would get a copy of your entire claim file to review in detail. I would then be able to explain what additional benefits you may be entitled to and whether you would benefit from actually having an attorney represent you. This type of consultation and claim review is done free of charge.


As a nurse, you are a well educated professional. Why have you not retained an attorney to help you? One has already specifically informed you, on this site, regarding the potential benefits he could assist you with?



I truly appreciate the acknowledgement and have been fighting this battle since 2006 and things were going well until the botched surgery in 2010 and it's been a train wreck since and no attorney was willing to take my complicated case but to my prayers answered I did respond right away and I'm hopeful to have an attorney representation soon. One hard part of living in Montana with a Washington State Work Injury. Thanks again for your words of wisdom and help!


Answer: In your very serious situation, I would recommend that you immediately consult with and retain an experienced workers compensation attorney who is licensed to practice in Washington State. Avvo is an excellent resource for finding such an attorney. Good Luck.

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Thank You All to have helped with great advice and I'm following through with it and hope everything finally works out.

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